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Building a zero-carbon economy – call for evidence

13 December, 2018

Building a zero-carbon economy – call for evidence

Nick Eyre

Jillian Anable

John Barrett

Tina Fawcett

Tim Foxon

Tadj Oreszczyn

Janette Webb

Consultation response   Policy & Governance

Nick Eyre, Jillian Anable, John Barrett, Tina Fawcett, Tim Foxon, Tadj Oreszczyn and Jan Webb

In October 2018 the Committee on Climate Change (CCC) launched a call for evidence on the UK and Devolved Administrations’ long-term targets for greenhouse gas emissions and the UK’s transition to a net zero-carbon economy.

CREDS provided a coordinated response that addressed issues including: delivering net-zero emissions by taking account of emissions embodied in UK consumption, using demand-side changes to tackle hard-to-decarbonise sectors, the opportunities for low-carbon innovation, enabling lower-carbon lifestyles by supporting behaviour change, developing ambitious and flexible policy structures, and further action in the Devolved Administrations.

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Eyre, N., Anable, J., Barrett, J., Fawcett, T., Foxon, T., Oreszczyn, T. and Webb, J. 2018. Building a zero-carbon economy – call for evidence. CREDS response to a call for evidence from the Climate Change Committee. CREDS consultation response 001 | December 2018.

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