New book from CREDS researchers: Research Handbook on Energy and Society

07 February, 2022

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CREDS researchers Janette Webb, Faye Wade and Margaret Tingley have co- edited a new research handbook on Energy and Society which includes chapters from many other CREDS researchers.

CREDS researchers Janette Webb, Faye Wade and Margaret Tingey have co- edited a new Research Handbook on Energy and Society. The book presents social science studies of energy, covering aspects of supply and demand, along with topics around transport, energy access and justice.

Published in December 2021 by Edward Elgar publishing, this Research Handbook looks at the relationship between energy and society in the context of the climate crisis, offering valuable insights into the inter-connections between the fossil fuel energy system and the changing structures of society.

The Handbook has many chapter written by CREDS researchers, including: a chapter on social divisions in personal car ownership and use from Karen Lucas, Noel Cass and Muhammad Adeel;  Our early career researcher Janine Morley asks ‘what is energy for?’, considering the services and benefits derived from energy. Looking to our future energy system, Alexandra Schneiders, Anna Gorbatcheva, David Shipworth and Mike Fell have a chapter on peer-to peer energy trading, Tina Fawcett and Marina Topouzi explore policy for buildings fit for the future, and Noam Bergman co-authors a chapter with Katy Janda on ‘How stories of the future impact energy and climate policy in the present’.

Banner photo credit: fotografierende on Unsplash